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Welcome to the re-launch of my CV writing Blog.  Sorry I’ve been away so long.

My aim for the future is to provide regular updates giving CV information and tips.  This will not only help you if you want to write your own CV but, if you are thinking of using a professional writer, it will give you a good insight as to what makes my service unique.

Here are some of the subjects I intend to cover over the next few weeks

•    The worst mistakes in CV writing

•    Selling yourself without appearing arrogant or boastful

•    Making a 20+ year career fit onto two pages

•    Tips for Contractors on creating a concise CV

•    Demonstrating career progression in a CV

•    Understanding what you should put in your profile

•    Making sure that your CV is pitched at the right level

•    Dealing with gaps in employment

•    CV writing for older candidates


•    How to choose a CV Writing Service

•    Top tips for CV Writing

That should do for a start!

I’m also trying to learn how to make short videos so that I can do a series of blogs showing the best way to set out your CV and how to set about the task of CV writing, but that’s for a little bit later when I’ve developed some new skills.

Watch this space




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