The use of psychometric testing or personality profiling is increasing.
Its main purpose is to enable companies to find the most suitable employees to best fit within their organisations.  However, by gaining access to the information that will be revealed by these tests you can turn it to your advantage

Identify your strengths
The CV Consultancy has partnered with Ad Astra Partnership to provide candidates with an opportunity to have their own personality profile prepared. By identifying your strengths and weaknesses this can be of significant help in personal development, career planning and preparing for interviews.

Objective view
The most important use of this report will be to give you an objective view, enabling you to gain a deeper understanding of your personality. You can then identify where your strengths and weaknesses lie and your best fit in the jobs market.

Be prepared
The full report will even provide a list of interview questions that may cause you problems specifically because of your personality. You will receive expert advice on how to handle them. The issues raised will be those you are less comfortable with so that you can be forewarned and better prepared for the interview.

Find your ideal job
You will receive valuable information and advice which will help you to select, win and enjoy the job that best suits you and your personality. Remember if you find a job which ties in with your preferred way of dealing with things, then you are more likely to enjoy it and gain job satisfaction.

Contact Linda at Ad Astra Partnership
for more information
her telephone number is 07748 068 460

Free CV assessment
Another exciting free service is our free CV assessment.  This is the best way of getting a professional appraisal of your CV.  We will give you our views on ways in which your CV can be improved which will also give you an opportunity to evaluate the quality of our professional CV writing service.

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