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As you will know if you’ve tried, it’s far harder to create a new document than it is to modify or alter an existing one.  For this reason it’s a very worthwhile investment to use our service to create a well formatted Application form, Personal Statement or LinkedIn Profile which you can then use not only for your current application, but also as a model for your future requirements.

Job Application Forms

From the employer’s perspective
Help with completing job application forms is a service which is becoming increasingly popular.  The main advantage of an application form from a recruiter’s point of view is that it standardises the information and makes it far easier to compare candidates

More difficult questions
Our application form service is very flexible and, if you prefer, it can be limited to the more difficult parts of the form.  You are unlikely to need help with filling in all the straightforward information, but when it comes to the longer answers that is where you will find our expertise really useful.

Personal Statements

We can organise the information
Your personal statement may be part of the job application form or it may be a stand-alone document.  You will probably already know what you want to include but making it sound right is the difficult part.  No Problem!  We specialise in organising information so that it is clear, concise and easy to understand.

LinkedIn Profiles

You may not need help with the whole thing
You may need help with creating the whole of your LinkedIn Profile, but more likely you only need help with the Background (Summary and Experience) sections.  If we have already created a CV for you this makes the job easier because we will already have the necessary knowledge of you and your career, otherwise it can take longer because we have to get to know you.

Here are some tips

  • In a personal statement include reasons for your interest in the role, reasons for your interest in the particular organisation and evidence that you have the skills required
  • demonstrate what makes you unique and the benefits that you can bring to the employers’ organisation
  • always try to be objective remembering that your reader will almost certainly have no prior knowledge of you
  • think about why an employer may be asking a particular question – what are they trying to find out?
  • avoid starting too many paragraphs or sentences with ‘I’
  • use different examples for each question and show the context for each example you use (ie when and where)
  • be careful to stick to the required word or character limit
  • it can be very off-putting for an employer to receive an application from somebody using a pet name so make sure that your e-mail address is appropriate for formal use
  • finally check carefully for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and over-use of certain words or phrases

How it works best

Create your own answers
The most cost-effective way of using this service is to complete the application form, personal statement or LinkedIn profile in your own words – or if you prefer just make notes.  If you have been given a word or character limit don’t worry if your version is too long, we can make it more concise, but bear in mind that the length of the final document will be limited.  It’s probably best not to include more than about three examples. When giving examples please remember to include information about the context (ie when and where)

Send us a copy of your CV
It makes the process much more straightforward if we have already created a CV for you because we will already know quite a bit about you so that will be helpful.  If not, there is no problem, it will simply take a bit longer. Either way, you can send us a copy of your CV to provide the background information that we need.

We specialist in concise, clear presentation
Our speciality is in creating documents that are easy to read and understand.  We will deliver the maximum information in the minimum number of words so that a reader who doesn’t know you will be able to evaluate your skills and experience and understand just what will make you the best candidate for any job on offer.  Don’t forget, once you have the first version of the application form personal statement or  profile you can use it as a model for other job applications or updates in the future.

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