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Free CV Assessment

A free CV assessment can be a really valuable way of getting guidance on the quality of your own CV writing.  At its best it will give you an overview from an experienced CV Writer with tips as to how your CV could be improved.  At its worst you will get very little help or guidance but your application will give rise to a pushy sales call from an unscrupuous organisation, and unfortunately there are all too many of those around.

Still, it’s a free service and if you get an unwanted sales call you simply need to recognise it for what it is.  Just remember that these are probably entrepreneurs, using CV writing as a vehicle for making money.  They will be employing professional sales people, so make sure you resist.  Remember that if the organisation is not responding appropriately to your request for a CV Assessment, it’s unlikely that they will be providing a high quality CV writing service either.  I always provide free CV assessments via e-mail, leaving it up to you whether you want to make telephone contact or not.

If you are thinking of having a CV professionally written I would strongly recommend that you apply for a free assessment of your old CV first.  As you know, there are many options for CV writing on the internet and this is a very effective way of getting an insight into the level of service a particular firm will be providing.  It’s easy to see that if they provide a genuine, helpful assessment then you know you can trust them – otherwise my advice is to steer clear!

The CV Consultancy is happy to provide free assessments, obviously the time I can spend on free work is limited, but I will do my best and give you some helpful tips on what can be done to improve your CV.  Naturally I hope that you will be impressed with the quality of my advice and the insight and knowledge that I demonstrate.  Hopefully so much so that you will decide to take advantage of my professional CV writing service.  But this is entirely up to you, there is certainly no obligation, and I promise strictly no sales calls.

Why not visit this page for more information about our free cv assessment service.



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